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I am employed in Military Engineer Services, Ernakulam and daily commuting from Thalapara to Ernakulam South by KSRTC Bus (Kottayam-Ernakulam (Via Kanjiramattom). There is Schedule of 0630, 0645, 0700, 0715 which reaches Thalayolaparamby and passes via Thalappara at 0730, 0745, 0800 and 0815 hrs. To-day ie. on 31 May 2010 I waited at Thalapara from 0730 hrs to 0830 hrs for a KSRTC bus to Ernakulam. No KSRTC Bus passed through Thalappara to Ernakulam from 0730 to 0830 hrs and lastly I was forced to catch a private bus got down at Vytilla and then I reached Office at Naval Base. I was late by one hour in my office. This is not the first instant.

 Once I reported the matter regarding irregular service in the morning to Shri Jairaj, Zonal Manager, KSRTC Ernakulam. Last week also most of the schedules in the morning were cancled. Purposely to support the private LS buses KSRTC Kottayam is cancelling the Schedules. Twice the KSRTC Bus I was travelling it n the morning went BD. So I request your goodself to kindly look into the matter and give instructions to adhere to the schedules timings and operate the buses for the public.

 There is no KSRTC bus from Ernakulam to Kottayam (Via Kanjiramattom)during the peak hours between 1615 hrs to 1730 hrs. Though there is schedule of LS Venad at 1640 hrs, either it do not adhere to the timings or the trip is cancelled. Kindly do the needful.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully

The Low floor AC bus plying to angamally from aroor didnt STOP at vappalassery stop today 30-5-2010 @7:50pm bus no 5 (displayed on LED display). Less than 10 passengers in that bus at that time. I then got one LS ORD to angamally (ticket no. 00093670, 19:53:46, 30-5-10,Rs 4.50).

If this is the mentality of staff then how KSRTC can survive. The minister told they have recruited good staff among the KSRTC staff for JnNURM buses. But Now I think it is not true.

Pls find better solution for Productivity & commitment of KSRTC staffs.

Premkumar K.B.


To The Managing Director, 28th May, 2010.

Respected Sir,

We are daily passengers in the route of Fort Kochi - W/Island. This route was monopoly of Private buses. We had faced lot of difficulties while travelling in private buses. We would like to inform you , one of the Volvo service has been running from Fort Kochi to Inforpark by 9 am , so it would be better if it covers Fort Kochi via W/island to Infopark because at that time the private buses are full and mostly passengers are travelling in footboards and that too two of the services are stopped.

Considering all these facts it is our request to KSRTC to start a new service or extend its route as , it would be a blessing to the daily passengers of this route.

On behalf of all passengers

Seema Stanley

Several decisions of KSRTC chief office is controlled by certain lobbies. Whenever R.Balakrihnapillai becomes the Transport minister he would have sabotaged its surroundings depots except Pathanapuram Depot (his son’s constituency). Also his son Mr.Ganesh Kumar either cancelled all long route buses of PUNALUR or shifted buses to other depots from Punalur the then Transport Minister.

There were more convenient bus services from Punalur to Alwaye, Ernakulam, Alappuzha, kotayam, Kozhikode in convenient times during 1981-83 periods. All these services are cancelled. If anyone from PUNALUR wanted to go to Ernakulum after 9am should have to go to Kottarakkara.

This discrimination has to be ceased .Surprisingly no super express or deluxe exp from Kollam Depot and cancelled the only KOLLM TUTICORIN EXPRESS without any reason. Interestingly PK Gurudasan labour minister is representing kollam constituency and no developments have got kollamKSRTC in this account.


sir/madam, I travelled from balaramapuram to karakkamandapam at about 9:10 pm on 7th May, the bus conductor was a lady -last stop pappanamcode . There were only gents inthe bus 3 drunkers also there from balaramapuram they behaved immorally towards the conductor and the driver found not attending this torture no matter he was concentrating to the night driving.she kept silent -kindly avoid posting lady conductors at night shifts to controll this misbehavior from some of the passengers ..seeking a response from your side.

Name: lal sp

We are daily passengers in the route of Thodupuzha-Vaikom.This route was monopoly of Private buses. We had faced lot of difficulties. After starting Chain service from Thodupuzha to Alappuzha by KSRTC, it was very blessing, accoding to the daily passengers of this route. Now all buses plying in this route are with high collections. All passengers waiting for KSRTC buses. But, now a days, we are facing so many prdifficuiltes from KSRTC.

That is , all buses are soo OLD and can\'t run in proper time & brake down and we are forced to wait lot of time in bus stand.We can\'t reach in offices in time.Please check the collection statement of each buses, all are in profitable. Hence, we are requesting that, please allow new buses to THODUPUZHA DEPOT and ply this route. If so we are sure, the collection from this route will be raised and will be helpfull all paasengers.

for all passengers

Your Name: binu c babu

Your Email Address:

To, The Managing Director, 24th May, 2010.

Respected Sir,

We are daily passengers of Ernakulam - Muvattupuzha bus route [via. Palarivattom - Kakkand - Pallikkara - Kizhakambalam - pattimattam -Mangalathunada – Nelladu]. There are plenty of major organization and reputed firms situated in this route like civil station, Infopark, Export Processing Zone, Sun Rise Hospital, Vyvasaya Mehala etc. in (Kakkanad), Vegaland (Pallikara), Samritin Hospital, Anna Aluminium Company, Saras Curry Powder, Kitex Limited, Scoobeeday Bags etc. in (Kizhakkambalam), Kinfra park (Nelladu) etc. are some major organization situated in this bus route.

Approximately, about Forty Thousand passengers are daily commuting on this route. However, there are only very limited number of K.S.R.T.C. (from Muvattupuzha) buses are running through this route which results a lot of tedious hardships to passengers. All buses including private buses in this route are overcrowded. Hence, the Public are using other vehicles like Tippers and lorries to reach in time. In order to reduce such hardships of passengers we would request to sanction more buses through this route which will be very helpful for the grieved passengers.

We have already requested the Ernakulam and Muvattupuzha K.S.R.T.C Offices. We, would like to invite your kind attention in this matter and request you to do the needful at the earliest.

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully


 Dear Sir,

Vendad bus starting from Kulathupuzha to Kollam at 9.30 am is not running regularly. This schedule is not operated today. Moreover this trip is always running very late. Necessary steps may please be taken to
avoid this in future.

Yours truly


I am not a frequent traveler of KSRTC and I am proud of it because of the less number of Tetanus injections due to the rust in the buses.

Recently Rash driving is occuring in and around trivandrum city resulting in large no. of deaths. I think the drivers of KSRTC are inspired of the Racing occurred recently @kavadiar highway although with poor men's cash and also with the fact that unions will escape them if any of the accidents resulted in death of any pedestrians(Union is strength!!!!).I wish Mr.Senkumar to walk through Thirumala-poojappura road during a academic day between 4pm-7pm (this is just a suggestion and I am not responsible for any accident if occurs to him)

Complaint Posted By Jo

 Buses not waiting 4 a moment even if they see people

Last Sunday(7.2.10) we 4 peoples from pandalam planned to go kottayam ater one of our friend's marriage. When we are reaching near to junction 1 man saw a bus is coming from pandalam to kottaym direction. He ran and catch the bus other three peoples are just behind him, means 20feet distance, he told to conductor sir wait others are coming. But the conductor given double bell and bus gone.

If government service peoples are behaving like this way how peoples like them. It was the night time 10.05pm.(bus came from pandalam and going towards kottaym direction). Finally we had waited 45 minute to get another bus. Please inform the people for better service.(we are working in karnataka state, we can see that here conductor will call all people and wait for getting full seat)


Published By: Vinesh.M.V

This is about my journey in Kottayam A/c bus on 30-April-2010.

The bus was started at 6.30pm and on 7.30pm rain started, water was coming inside the bus. Majority of the seats in left side were fully wet and nobody was able to sit in the seats.

The bus was very very slow. We stopped at uthayya hotel (The worst and expensive hotel which all the buses stops there) for food and started and again with many of the people were standing in the bus becoz of water dipping from the luggage carrier.

But after sometime wiper got complaint and they repaired it partially. Bus became again slow.This rain was there up to Coimbatore. So many of the people were not able to sleep and bus reached trichur @ 8.40Am..around 3hrs late.This was my very very bad experience from kerala KSRTC.


Posted By: Ajay Kumar

I have a complaint that while am travelling from trivandrum to karette

(07/05/2010) in KL-15 7968 RAC 811 bus, there were some gents sittimg in all the ladies' seats. But the conductor didn't take any action for that and just simply watched it. So all the ladies were standing till the end stoppig.

I am sending this complaint for getting me and all the ladies their rights while travelling in a bus especially in night time. Sir, pls take any action against that conductor. Hope the authority will take this matter seriously and take severe action. My ticket no. is 00040770. That bus starts from trivandrum at 6.20pm and passes anchal at 8.05. Sir, once again am requesting the authority to give the ladies' rights.

Ms Asha

There was a news in the Malayala Manorama Daily, Cochin Edition on May 12, 2010 in Page 9 illustrating the misbehaviour oaf a conductor with a lady passeneger in a KSRTC bus. Instead of giving the balance amount of the ticket the conductor gave his mobile number on the back side of the ticket. The news is reported from Ambalapuzha stating that the issue occured in the bus that was going from Vandanam to Kayamkulam on Monday.

The lady gave complaint to the police. The conductor reached the police station and begged pardon and thus the issue was settled.

Even though the conductor asked sorry, should such conductors misbehaving with lady passengers be retained in KSRTC without any departmental actions. KSRTC MD must take some actions against this person which will be a lesson for other conductors also.

Readers, share your comments and your experiences with such or similar situations.

Posted By: JaCob S Pillai

Respected Sir,

I am Anilesh from Varkala, Trivandrum district Kerala.I am Physically Challenged Person.I have a 40% disability certificate.My problem is Spina Bifide with scolysis with permanent disability in left leg .Two years ago I applied for Disability pass at Attingal depot.I submitted all the attested copies of the required documents with the application which they ask to submit alongwith.The official told me to come back after two month.

After two month when I went to enquire they told me that your application is rejected because this is a case of Cerebral palasy and such patients are not entitled to get any disability pass.I wonder I have seen many people who are travelling with such pass who are not as much as disable like me.If they can get the pass then why not I.Is it a matter of Bribe or something.Should I deposit money in the KSRTC to get my disability pass.

I complaint various Official regarding this matter but nothing happened.I even complained in the sutharya keralam but nothing happened.I request you to please look into this matter.

Thanking you
Ph No:0470 2694638

 Does KSRTC have any Depot wise review on buses involve in accidents?

Why there's no system for passengers(as consumers) to express their remarks /appreciate staff at least in Premium buses?

Any system to reward Drivers for performance?

Does it've any system/measure to monitor/improve the performance of Drivers(training/technical support) while on drive?

Why the drivers are forced/tempted to do duty long hours against motor law?

Name: Saji Zach
Email Address:


KSRTC management has cancelled many services from Attingal Depot.Among them Thenkasi via Madathara KPZand ANCHAL ,Punalur was very useful for commuters in this direction.KSRTC canceleed these two thenkasi FP without any reason.Requesting to restart these services quickly.

Name: ismail.r
Email Address:

Bus number KL15 7254..Today morning(May 24) at 9:10 am I got into Bus number KL 15 7254 Ernakulam LSFP from PMG,Trivandrum.I was unaware that It is not going through karyavattom.I asked for ticket saying karyavattom campus and the conductor gave me ticket for Rs 12(In normal FP it is Rs 10 and so i asked how come it be 12 Rs and he replied as it is LSFP.but after 3 minutes some passengers told me that this bus is not routed to karyavattom and i asked the condutor that i need to get down and i asked my money back.He must have tell me that the bus is not going to the destibnation i wants.But he asked me to get down from the bus and gave double bell and went away.These condutors should be punished for their misbehaviour...Fedup with this KSRTC)

 Name: Sandhya Anish
Email Address: